How can a design methodology employ a bodily design perspective in human-computer integration, specifically in the application domain of health & well-being?


In my PhD-project, I study how to incorporate the body in the design process when products become embodied and highly responsive to body-based and contextual-based signals (e.g. robotic arms, exoskeletons, electronic muscle stimulation). I immerse myself into the context of people who are highly interdependent of technology during their daily life. And I look for ways to study the arts & crafts of bodily sensations, drawing on the fields of Disability Arts, Performance Art, Musicology, Music Therapy, Dance/Movement Therapy, Kinesiology and Neuroscience. My work consists of artefacts (demonstrators, prototypes) and performances that explore how to materialise the digital-physical realm by making use of traditional as well as futuristic craftsmanship.

Chorégraphie (Feuillet, 1700)